One of the most versatile tools available to the litigating attorney is an experienced financial expert.  A few hours with a financial expert often saves hours of work and assists the lawyer in either settling the case or setting a more efficient and direct course towards trial.  In those few complex cases that are destined to go to trial, a financial expert is imperative and can make or break a case when presented to the trier of fact.

Quite often, lawyers would rather settle a case than see it go to trial due to the large attendant costs and hours of preparation required.  An experienced competent financial expert often presents such a compelling case that, with the use of tangible data, both sides are motivated to settle rather than take a chance on an unpredictable jury.  Therefore, the selection of the expert is very important both as a resource value to the lawyer and as a formidable force to contend with for the opposing side. The success of the expert over time is not measured by how many trials he or she has been on the stand to offer expert opinions.  The real success in a case is to present such a persuasive opinion and support for that opinion, that there is a settlement and the dispute is resolved.   (click here for article)

(as published in “Valley Lawyer,” official publication of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, reprinted with permission)